Why does your store need digital media displays?

In the fiercely competitive convenience store market, everyone is looking to get that extra edge and ultimately to winning another £ or two spend from their customers. Increasing basket spend means more value and even impression per customer.

It is estimated that a convenience store will serve customers within a half mile radius, and in some cases this can be hundreds or even thousands of households choosing between you and someone just down the road.

Digital media displays can show your customers a variety of things, from simply allowing them to see inside your shop to telling them about your promotions and discounts that day. Digital media displays are providing opportunity and usually can pay for themselves in less than 18 months. So, lets see some reasons why you should consider investing in Digital Media Displays…

Store Branding & Image 

Research has shown that shopkeepers have just a second to showcase a display, so having a highly visible digital display will grab a passing eye very quickly and help them with their wants / needs when they come into your shop.

Using them to replace posters has also been shown to clean up the shop and to present a clean, uncluttered image. This has been shown to improve people’s opinions of a shop and encourage return business.

With Digital Media displays, retail spaces can become modern and independent retailers can look ‘bigger’ than what they are. The more professional a store is looking, a more of a brand feel is created and a sense of security for your customers.

Outside Appearance & Visibility 

Many shopkeepers resort to putting posters in their windows to try to encourage more footfall. While they show what you have on offer, they frequently hide what you have inside.

Digital media displays however can show multiple screens over a few minutes, showing 2-3 times as much as a poster, while allowing people to see inside the shop with their eyes. This has been shown to increase footfall in your shop.

Optimising the location of an external screen can open up window areas, create more natural light internally, increase in store visibility and of course send an even bigger message for promotions.

Offering & Promoting Promotions 

Digital media displays advertising perishable foods have been shown to increase people’s spend on those things (perhaps jogging their mind to buy some milk) and this can reduce the amount of food you throw away due to use by dates.

Properly located displays in key locations can significantly increase their spend on a visit as they see a favorite beer or other essential goods at a good price when they pop in for something else.

Resolute Solutions have identified 3 ‘key display areas’ to increase turnover and advertising opportunities:

  1. Main Sales Zone – This is likely the first ‘zone’ when people walk in, often your quick shopping area, Fruit & Veg and Snacking/Soft Drinks. This area is built for fast sales, having a screen here advertising special offers, meal deals or daily suggestions can improve impulse sales.


  1. Feature Zones – If your store has any feature zones (it most likely does) like off-licence areas, specialist foods or a Food To Go Area then these can be significantly improved with a Digital Media Display. You can show promotions, even daily deals. Offer additional ‘like minded’ products and provide service by showcasing ‘meal solutions’.


  1. Counter Zone – This is an area where at times your customers are at a static position. Perfect for creating impulse sales on say High Value Spirits. This zone is also perfect for a Service Offer – promoting local events, creating community engagement and even offering an additional revenue stream by selling advertising space.

If you would like Resolute Solutions to come and advise on key areas and offer Digital Media solutions unique to your store then please contact us for a free survey & quotation.

Specialty Products

Have you a unique selling point due to the country of your parents or family that could be appealing to others with roots in the same place? Are you in a village where people struggle to get certain things due to the slog of having to go 20 miles to the supermarket? Making people aware that you sell that little extra will often get them buying those things and not waiting until they can get them from your supermarket rival!

Creating campaigns around unique products also will encourage your suppliers, they may offer to do free tastings or sampling days. All of which will encourage your customers to spend more.

Community & Additional Services

Often having served the community close to your convenience store for many years, you will be an important member of that community. Why not promote your links? Tell customers news at the local school as well as community events. Giving customers a pleasant experience is known to relax their grip on their wallets and can help increase their spend with you.

There is also opportunity to sell advertising space to your local trades people – They can purchase ‘screen time’ and advertise in your store, to local people.

Digital Media Displays Overview

We hope you have enjoyed this post and seen some ways your store can benefit from Digital Media Displays. If you would like more information then please do get in touch, we have specialised packages suited for retailers, our packages include:


  • HD purpose built digital media displays
  • FULL Installation process including hard wiring of electrics & data
  • Easy to use software that has the retailer in control, fully automated, easy to create adverts, ready to use from day one.

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