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Priory View, Dunstable – Costcutter Premium

Resolute Solutions were involved with this on going project for over 18 months. Over 25+ drawings were created, around 10 site visits prior to commencing works, 16 days on site and a brand new, top spec Costcutter Premium, 285sqm shop was created.

A brand new new build, a local council flagship project for assisted housing, even a royal visit!

Resolute Solutions identified potential issues and discussed these with all parties, including Mayur Patel (retailer), Costcutter Development Team & Local authorities.

We set out a clear plan and together as a team agreed layouts, style and equipment specifications. This was to include two feature areas (off-licence & Fresh foods). Including specialist plant area, Back Of House and Food Preparation areas.

The store benefits from the latest energy efficient Arneg Refrigeration (Osaka cabinets). ECA approved low noise motors. Efficient Hot/Cold Retail Air Conditioning units. High specification LED lighting & low energy feature pendents. All with an efficient electrical install.

Unique finishes for woodwork to match the overall project and including rustic shelving systems creates theater.

“The Priory View site is truly unique; size, shape, location, style & finishes.”

SQM of Development

LM of Refrigeration

Feature Areas

Retailers Rating

Bashley Village Stores – Costcutter Premium

When we first visited Bashley Village Store in the New Forest, our meetings were taking place in a small converted semi-detached House.

A hub for the local community with great Post Office facilities but a Store that lacked much needed space.

Dennis & Carol had the vision to create a bigger Store that could offer more and enhance the services that they already provided. With the help of Costcutter Development Manager Kevin Lear a concept was designed.

The decision was made to make a Premium Costcutter Store that offered convenience shopping, a better range, an enhanced food to go area and the inclusion of the modern integrated Post Office. The fitting of the newly built shop took Resolute Solutions 2 weeks to complete.

SQM of Development

LM of Refrigeration

Specialist Areas


Increase in Turnover